We are not of the Napoleonic epoch, but our current team has at its disposal more than 200 years of work! logo-edi

In fact, if it is true that Edipubblicità is born as publishing house of “Colore& Hobby,” the magazine which since 1971 informs Italian retailers and operators of the industry of paints, varnishes and decorative finishes, in reality its women and men sum up all together 200 years of professional experience.

Edipubblicità is oriented in a targeted manner to a specific distribution channel, the channel of paints and varnishes which is conventionally divided in sub-channels:

Hardware store (hardware and paints),  store specializing in paints and varnishes, professional decoration centers specializing in construction cycles, building stores with paint department, lightweight construction centers with paint department, local manufacturers with attached or integrated outlet.

We are a unique and qualified point of reference for all the companies and businesses which want to operate in this important Italian distribution channel, composed of about 15.000 outlets, providing support both in terms of communication and marketing strategies. A complete activity, which completely covers the constantly evolving construction market in all its variables. In addition, since 2011 we have at our disposal an extraordinary tool for this market: “Osservatorio Distribuzione” (Distribution Observatory), the only available census of the sector.

The world of the agents and representatives is one of the centers of our attention.

Lastly, as the market horizons are becoming increasingly global, since 2013 we have brought the quality of Italian products to the knowledge of operators around the worlds thanks to our digital magazine “DECO.IT.”

In a nutshell: we have chosen a life in color!!!