customer2Edipubblicità works in the sector of market investigations and surveys, within the specific distribution channel of “paints and varnishes”. 

This work is the fruit of our 40 years experience, developed thanks to the contacts which we daily have with the production and distribution market.

To perform as best as we can these activities we are the only owners and administrators of a special database, which comprises over 12.500 names including:

  • Not-specialized outlets
  • Specialized outlets
  • Centers of decoration and lightweight construction
  • Stores for building which sell paints and varnishes
  • Mini-bricolage, bricolage, large supermarket chains, global distribution systems
  • Local paints manufacturers with attached outlet


Therefore, this is the knowledge of the life of the sector, combined with its fundamental data, which has allowed us to organize activities of market investigation totally targeted towards companies, especially in the field of customer satisfaction. Surveys are often useful and necessary for certified companies, in order to evaluate, from an external and neutral viewpoint, what is the level of clients’ satisfaction.
From the operative viewpoint, for the implementation of this activity we use external companies specialized in providing complex questionnaires with the method of the interview at the outlet.
We then organize together with the client the questionnaire’s structure and the interviewers training, to make sure they perfectly know the subject concerned and the final survey goal. 
Obviously, the results, as all the elements used to reach them, are reserved for the exclusive use of the customer.

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