osservatorio1 We have realized over the time the great patrimony of information and names which daily operate in the world of color, finishes and paints. Every day our division Data&Research is committed to updating, verifying and integrating the census to help every company in knowing the channels through which the “color” is distributed, grasping its changes and reading them in terms of evolution.

Osservatorio Distribuzione examines distribution in qualitative and quantitative terms, with the final goal of obtaining the best knowledge and vision possible.


Osservatorio Distribuzione is constantly updating to monitor numerical variations and allow an in-depth analysis of the destination sectors for paint products, so as to have a precise definition of the sub-channels through a merchandise analysis and an increasingly more reliable elaboration, which includes all the evaluation parameters for an outlet. 

What is it?

- a real population census which distributes paints in Italy through the resale channel.
- the most updated and complete database of qualitative and quantitative information regarding the paint resale.
- the first and sole collection of this type in Italy. 

What is it for?

- to know the real and actual situation of paint distribution in Italy
- to monitor the changes underway in the sector of resale and, in particular, in the various sub-channels
- to trace the evolutionary lines

The “whys” of the analysis

- to shed light on the extreme complexity and extensiveness of the resale market, given the lack of accredited official sources
- to be aware of the changes underway and interpret them in an increasingly more usable way by manufacturing companies
- to make available a patrimony of data and direct information to set up a complete distribution channels system


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