All the activities and actions to facilitate the client before, during and after the purchase of a product or service, as well as to help the client in all operations related to goods and information acquisition, is the winning road of a successful company: in practice, the Customer Care.

In fact, it has been demonstrated that acquiring a new client costs five/six times more than preserving an old one. The companies which have heavenly invested in customer care have experienced in the last years a record growth in the on-line sales; the most striking example is perhaps that of Cisco System, which has a very satisfying customer care service.

How do we take care of your customers?
With our internal team: the attention to the client allows us to define his needs and the most effective way to interact with him. Managing his data, analyzing them, keeping him updated with new product, creating contacts for satisfaction surveys…. These activities and many others help build a trusting relation with the client.

An empathy program with 5 “key words”

  • Knowledge: both as awareness of the product/service to boost and as understanding of the client, creating his complete profile which is very useful to personalize the contacts and the proposed supply.Competence: the art of “cuddling” passes through the development of personal skills (listening, ductility, problem solving) and professional abilities (communication techniques, flow management, reporting); 
  • Clearness: a nice way to gain the client’s trust is to give it back to him in equal measure: clear answers and a transparent relation as constructive opportunities;
  • courtesy: in addition to be a good proof of good manners, it is a rigorous necessity to overcome the barriers of mistrust;
  • creativity: “What is creativity? It is the capacity of ‘seeing’…..and “answering”(Erich Fromm).
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